Monday, June 06, 2011

Check out Whats happening on the Report Server

Sometime it may happen that Report server may work slow and you  might want to know whats really happening in the server and which reports are in use to get a lead.

1. To know which reports are running on you system is to check ExecutionLog table in ReportServer database of your server.

SELECT * FROM ReportServer.dbo.ExecutionLog

This table contains the history of which report is executed at which time, taking how much time and by whom. This can lead to the report which is taking most time.

But the draw back of this table is that it does not get information about subscription reports. And when I look into any Report Server first thing I look for is Reports Subscriptions. Those are little hidden ones and take work in background with letting anyone who that how much resource and time they are consuming.

2. Next method of knowing whats happening in our Report Server is through Manage Jobs page on ReportServers SiteSettings

This displays and lets user to cancel any In-Progress Report or Subscription. Only limition is that it will display only in-progress reports/subscription which are in-progress for atleast 60 seconds.


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