Friday, December 10, 2010

Execute Scripts from a folder using Powershell

For last few days I am kinda got wired up with Powershell and trying to do whatever I used to do otherwise using SQL PowerShell e.g. other day we had some 40 odd scripts to be deployed on our database so I worte a simple 2 liner SQL PS script which would go and execute each script one by one.

1. To illustrate I have 3 Scripts in a folder called ScritpsFolder to create 3 Stored Procedures
2. Script inside sp_A

3. Now the Powershell code to execute scripts from the folder.

ForEach ($S In Gci -Path "C:\ScriptsFolder\" -Fliter *.sql | Sort-Object Name )
Invoke-SqlCmd -InputFile $S.FullName

a) ForEach : will iterate on each item insire $S.
b) Gci (Get-Child Item): will get all the filenames from given path and will store in variable $S.
c) Invoke-SqlCmd: will take the script and run it on the Database.

To run the script you should be in context of your SQL Server/Database and particular database if it not defined in the script.

4. Check the SPs created in the database


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