Sunday, August 15, 2010

Drop-Down/ComboBox Sorting in SSRS

For Dynamic Sorting SSRS has Interactive Sorting  which enables a sorting button on the Tablix Column and user can sort on desired Column but many time user wants to have Drop-Down or Combo Box listing columns and wish to chose the sorting column from there.. Something like

Okay , this is not built-in feature of SSRS but we can certainly work around and provide that feature... I will take a simple example to demonstrate that: I will create a Simple Student table and provide drop down sorting on the columns in the table.
So Lets get started 
1. Create a Student table

2. Create a SSRS project and create a Shared DataSource linking our Database

3. Create a simple report having columns from Student table

4. Report would look like.

5a. Now lets start our work and create a parameter SortBy

5b. Specify Available values as Column name from the Student table and assign values to them

6. Go to Tablix Properties> Sorting

7.Add a sorting Option and in Column tab give expression as

8. Run the report and chose the SortBy column from Drop-Down
a. By Name

b.By Marks

Cheers-Have fun!!
Rahul Sherawat


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