Friday, January 30, 2009

New improvements / features in SSIS 2008

With the release of SQL SERVER 2008 comes improved SSIS 2008. I will try to list down the improved and new features in SSIS 2008

1) Improved Parallelism of Execution Trees:

The biggest performance improvement in the SSIS 2008 is incorporation of parallelism in the processing of execution tree. In SSIS 2005, each execution tree used a single thread whereas in SSIS 2008 , the Data flow engine is redesigned to utilize multiple threads and take advantage of dynamic scheduling to execute multiple components in parallel, including components within the same execution tree

2) Any .NET language for Scripting:

SSIS 2008 is incorporated with new Visual Studio Tool for Application(VSTA) scripting engine. Advantage of VSTA is it enables user to use any .NET language for scripting.

3) New ADO.NET Source and Destination Component:

SSIS 2008 gets a new Source and Destination Component for ADO.NET Record sets.

4) Improved Lookup Transformation:

In SSIS 2008, the Lookuo Transformation has faster cache loading and lookup operations. It has new caching options, including the ability for the reference dataset to use a cache file(.caw) accessed by the Cache Connectin Manager. In addition same cache can be shared between multiple Lookup Transformations.

5) New Data Profiling Task:

SSIS 2008 has a new debugging aid Data Profiling Task that can help user analyze the data flows occurring in the package.In many cases, execution errors are caused by unexpected variations in the data that is being transferred. The Data Profiling Task can help users to discover the cource of these errors by giving better visibility into the data flow.

6) New Connections Project Wizard:

One of the main usability enhancement to SSIS 2008 is the new Connections Project Wizard. The Connections Project Wizard guides user through the steps required to create source and destinations.


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